It took me 5 mins to get this snap. But patience payed off well.  I wanted his wings.


It’s quite amazing but i’m scared of it.. 🙂

Childhood innocence

maitrinine sangtle ki cycle pakdun thev naitr konitari chorun gheun jael.. 🙂

Enjoying childhood..

We all miss our childhood.. those colourful slides.. see-saws.. long ques for slides.. happiness sliding down.. those falls.. hurting knees.. those small moments of joy would never come back..

Helping hand..

The chain of cycle had dropped..  The boy was helping his friend to repair it..  They spent a lot of time though they didn’t succeed.. Anyways the innocent  and unselfish efforts were more important.. That’s childhood..

Beautiful roses..

I don’t think there would be any girl who won’t fall for them..