SCHOOL चले हम !!!!

The right to eduacation..

Nowadays people say that the country is progressing and the standard of living is increasing day by day.. A lot of money is coming to the people.. There is no limitation for what a simple necessity can cause.. Pre-primary schools are charging more than what the engineering colleges charge for a year.. I last heard a KG school demanding  50,000/- donation and 60,000/- yearly fees..

Where people don’t mind paying thousands of rupees for unnecessary things like chocolates, lip-sticks, pens, etc.. there are some people who find it very difficult to pay for basic necessities of life..

If you observe the photo carefully you’ll see that the children at the left don’t have shoes, proper uniform and the boy doesn’t even have a belt to his shorts.. He has tied a knot of simple laces.. They don’t have proper sacks.. While the children on the right hand side have all of them.. Proper shoes, belt, bags, uniform.. They go to same school.. Imagine how each of them must be feeling when everyone around them has what they don’t have.. Watch-out  for the kind of road they walk on, I walk on the same road toward my college and inspite of my branded comfort shoes I can feel the road and others around me always complain of the bad condition of roads.. But what saddens me is the sight  that those little fellows walk on the same road without any footwear and without any complains..


3 Comments Add yours

  1. vishalt says:

    very true…!!! though more needs to be done…bu ti think we have come significantly ahead considering the situation of our country.various problems etc..

    1. Pratik Ghag says:

      yes we have come ahead but there’s still a long way to go..

      1. ravi says:

        very correct..

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