Read the article on education in the TIMES OF INDIA today and was totally shocked after reading which forced me to write on it!

Damn where is education headed to??

Rs.1,68,000/- for Lower kindergarten (LKG) ???

I’m presently in the 3rd year of Mechanical engineering and you believe me I pay almost half of this. I wonder if my parents could pay the amount presently if I were in LKG. Ghosh that’s unbelievable!!!

The fees increase by a whooping Rs.75,000/- when the child goes into 1st grade.

After studying the article I found this reasons for the HUGE FEES :

  1. Teacher to student ratio (1 : 18)
  2. Air-conditioned classrooms
  3. Quality education
  4. Playground
  5. Swimming pool
  6. Playground

I admire all this, but isn’t Rs.1,68,ooo/- a bit too much for LKG students???

Looking at the fee structure (see picture or link posted below)

you’ll notice:

  1. security deposit : Rs.25,ooo/- what are these tiny tots going do to harm the school to have such security deposits??
  2. tution fees : Rs.25,ooo/-
  3. sports : Rs. 10,000/- Is the amount justified for a toddler?? Even if you import the toys it won’t cost the mentioned amount. It’s just ridiculous.
  4. Meal charges : Rs.18,ooo/- (for breakfast and lunch) though the cost can be to the mentioned value, but it’s still too much for LKG.
  5. Transportation : Rs. 40,ooo/- What are you guys taking them into??  A PLANE?????
  6. Uniform and Stationary : Rs. 25,ooo/- What in the world causes them to charge this?? Are the uniforms specially designed from designers?? Are the papers hand made??? Even my engineering stationary would cost me less than 1/4th of the mentioned amount.

It’s upto you guys to think..





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2 Comments Add yours

  1. vishalt says:

    totally agree..the country has gone to dogs…!!

    1. absolutely right.. it’s not only the country but also the people to blame for the same..

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