About me

Namaste. I am glad you are here. Well about me, I’m a Mechanical Engineer, just completed my graduation in 2013.

I’m a photographer by hobby, trekker by passion, a nature lover by heart.

Here I would share with you the photographs and stories dedicated to my travels. We would go on a journey through my eyes. I assure you you won’t get bored. Each photo would have it’s own story, a social message and much more..

We would take a few history lessons ( I promise they won’t be boring as those in school ), here we would travel through forts, palaces, museums and learn through photographs..

We would also learn about nature, wildlife, etc all through photographs..

You can connect me through this blog page or my facebook account. You’ll find the links on my wall.

Hope we’ll bond through my photographs.. 🙂 🙂

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Phone: +91-9860445952