the innocence of childhood..

camera- canon ixus105 ”  म्हणतात ना बाळाचे पाय पाळण्यात दिसतात म्हणून !!   “ May be one day he’ll become a civil engineer.. (look at the path he prepared for his car to move on the bed..) I was observing him for quite a while.. He had changed the path every time he completed it…..

SCHOOL चले हम !!!!

The right to eduacation.. Nowadays people say that the country is progressing and the standard of living is increasing day by day.. A lot of money is coming to the people.. There is no limitation for what a simple necessity can cause.. Pre-primary schools are charging more than what the engineering colleges charge for a…


It’s quite amazing but i’m scared of it.. 🙂

Childhood innocence

maitrinine sangtle ki cycle pakdun thev naitr konitari chorun gheun jael.. 🙂

Enjoying childhood..

We all miss our childhood.. those colourful slides.. see-saws.. long ques for slides.. happiness sliding down.. those falls.. hurting knees.. those small moments of joy would never come back..