the innocence of childhood..

camera- canon ixus105 ”  म्हणतात ना बाळाचे पाय पाळण्यात दिसतात म्हणून !!   “ May be one day he’ll become a civil engineer.. (look at the path he prepared for his car to move on the bed..) I was observing him for quite a while.. He had changed the path every time he completed it…..


It’s quite amazing but i’m scared of it.. 🙂

Childhood innocence

maitrinine sangtle ki cycle pakdun thev naitr konitari chorun gheun jael.. 🙂

Enjoying childhood..

We all miss our childhood.. those colourful slides.. see-saws.. long ques for slides.. happiness sliding down.. those falls.. hurting knees.. those small moments of joy would never come back..