किल्ले तुंग ( Tung Fort ) :

Tung fort (किल्ले तुंग ) is located in Maval taluka of Pune district. The nearest railway station is Malavli which is about 12km away.

The fort is located in a picturesque location surrounded by Pavana dam on almost on 3 sides.

In my opinion I would suggest you travel by Bikes, cause you’ll only be able to enjoy the surroundings if can feel the breeze over your body.

The best season to visit would be monsoon and winter when the area is under lush green colour.

Some history to be shared :

The fort was built by the Adilshahi dynasty in 1600 A.D. and was later captured by Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj.

The fort is small and can accomodate about 200 troops at a time. Thus looking at the number it may come to our mind that the fort cannot be defended for a long time. However, the Mughal sardar Shaistekhan was not able to capture the fort inspite of a huge army.

The fort mainly served as a watch tower ( तेहालंनी दुर्ग  ) and was used to distract the invaders till the main forts of Visapurand Lohgad could ready themselves for the battle.

The fort was under the control of the then Senapati Netaji Palker after the loot of Surat by the Maratha forces.

In the later period Chhatrapati Rajaram transferred the fort under the leadership of     Sarkhel Kanoji Angre who was the Maratha naval chief at that time.

The fort has a Balle Killa which has a temple atop it. It also has a water reservoir.

Forts in the vicinty : 

  1. Tikona
  2. Korigad
  3. Lohgad
  4. Visapur

Reference: Wikipedia and some books.

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