शिंदे छत्री ( Shinde Chhatri )


Shinde Chhatri located at Wanowrie in Pune is a memorial dedicated to the great Senapati ( Commander-in-chief ) Mahadji Shinde of the Maratha Empire under the Peshwas from 1760-1780. The memorial houses a temple of lord Shiva built by Mahadji Shinde himself and his samadhi built later by the descendants of the Shinde clan.



The memorial is a architectural marvel combining the Maratha and Rajasthani style of architecture. The three storied memorial has a Maratha influence at the base followed by Rajasthani style of architecture in the succeeding floors. Excellent carvings and idols of the deities add to the splendor of the memorial. On the inside it houses a gallery showing the various rulers of the Shinde Dynasty well portrayed on the walls. The memorial maintains an architectural symmetry in construction adding to the beauty of the monument. The entrance gate flaunts the Coat of arms of the Shinde Dynasty. The memorial is now maintained by the Shinde Devasthan Trust, Gwalior.

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