KARLA CAVES (कारला लेणी) :

CHAITYA HALL (124'-3" X 45'-6") is the biggest of it's kind in whole of India.

The  Buddhist  were evacuated in the 1st century  B.C. They are located near the famous hill-station Lonavala-Khandala. The  forts like Visapur, Lohagad and other Buddhist caves named Bhaja are located in nearby vicinity. A picturesque location and these are one of the biggest caves in whole  of India.

Cut from the hard rock of the mountains, the place takes us for a ride in the past. After an enjoyable drive on the NH-4 (old pune-mumbai highway) we come to the Karla village were the ancient caves are located atop a mountain. The mountain has a steep slope for the vehicles. There are also stairs from the bottom upto the top. En-route to the caves we come across a number  of shops selling goods for the goddess. The mountain is also house to the Ekvira devi which is the goddess of fisherman (कोळी). You can see many fisherman community people offering prayers to the deity and in return ask her for her blessings and fulfilment of their wishes.

There is a song depicting the goddess as follows-

“ एकवीर  आई  तू  डोंगरावरी  नजर  आहे  तुझी  कोल्ल्यावारी !!!”

Which means the goddess is sitting on mountain and having a watch on the fisherman in deep waters of the sea for fishing for their safety.

“ एकवीर आई तू डोंगरावरी नजर आहे तुझी कोल्ल्यावारी !!!”

The carvings from the rock cut caves are simply marvellous and keeps us looking for more.  Imagine about the instruments available then and then look at the piece of art they have done with it. That’s simply unbelievable. Exact shapes, sizes and nature. Human figures (don’t get me wrong 😛 ) are just too good to believe that they are from such a long time back.

The architecture is best described in a single word- FANTASTIC!!!

Provision for all the needs, separate rooms, balconies, windows, etc just great.

Shows how advanced the ancient Indians were in architecture.

Must visit people. A good one day trip.

Here is my collection of photos-

The grand entrance.. All carved in a single rock..
Mighty walls.. mighty carvings..

The elephant statues once had pure ivory teeth then..

a special photo clicked by my frnd

Miniature view of the monument inscribed on one of the pillars..

Karla caves

The rooms with provision for beds..

too much efforts for this photo..

on special insistance by my best frnd

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  1. seema says:

    pics farach sundar aale aahet. malatar watle ki mi karla caves madhe aahe aani mazya samorach leni aahet…mastach!!!!!!

  2. seema says:

    mast re!!!!!!chan kadles pics!ani chan lihil ahes!!!!!!keep it up!!!

    1. Pratik Ghag says:

      thanku kaku.. asach encourage karat raha..

  3. ruta says:

    are lai bhari!!!!!!!!!kharch changale alet pics!!!

    1. Pratik Ghag says:

      thanks alot ruta… 🙂 🙂

  4. Radhika says:

    wow :)lai bhari 🙂

    1. Pratik Ghag says:

      thanku radhika.. 😀

  5. ravi says:


  6. Dipak Thite says:

    mastach ahet, ekda pahiley he sarva pan parat pahayacha moh hotoch yaaaar……………..

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