विजापूर (VIJAPUR)

Vijapur or Bijapur located in the state of Karnataka once was the seat of the Adilshahi Dynasty who ruled the part of south INDIA along with Qutubshahi Dynasty of Golkonda before the rise of Maratha empire.

Gol Ghumat :

It is the most famous monument for which the city is actually famous for. Though the city is in a bad shape, the monument  is very well maintained by Archeological survey of India. The tomb is surrounded by beautiful green lawns and trees (phew!! Atleast some greenery comes into existance) famously known as the Moghal gardens. The Moghal rulers were very fond of constructing huge buildings  and gardens which depicted the heaven. Morever many say they were actually to show off their  wealth. It was a typical example of Moghal architecture.

Gol Ghumat is around 200ft in height. The picture will give you an idea. It  is the architectural marvel of the building that sound is echoed a number  of times and people can hear slightest whisper all around the dome in the whispering gallery located above. My god I could actually hear what my cousins were whispering at the wall right opposite me some 100-150ft away. That was mind-blowing experience.

I’m providing a link so you all can experience the echoes. Turn on your speakers and enjoy



The museum was well managed,

Tomb of Adilshah and his family members

ancient pillars, engravings on the rocks, Persian vessels, artifacts, statues, etc. What was fascinating to me was the map of the city which clearly depicted the twin fortifications.

The museum is definitely worth a watch.

Architectural beauty of Gol Ghumat
The long range canons

Jama Mashjid (Mosque):

It s located a few kilometres away from Gol Ghumat.  It can house around 1000 devotees at a time and as has a gold plated  shrine (picture). Built on the same lines of the one located near Delhi.


Taj bawdi :

Was built by Ibrahim Adilshah in honour of his queen Taj Sultana. Once this place provided drinking water for the royal families.

Current state is very bad, there is complete garbage over one side of the water body and may be it is used as a dumping  ground by the local people. If maintained properly can be very beautiful.

Taj Bawdi HDR


Ibrahim Roza :

It was built by Ibrahim Adilshah II around 16th century. It houses his tomb along with that of his wife, daughter, two sons and his mother. The two buildings rest on a common platform being symmetrical in most of the cases. The building to the left contains the tombs while that to the right is a mosque. Between two building s lies a fountain. The most interesting  thing about this place is that the basement has chambers which remain chilled out even during noon. On the building are engraved the holy verses of Quran and also some kind of underground map.

inside the monument

After Gol Ghumat it the most famous building in Vijapur.

The city eventually was later within the limits of Maratha empire and remained till the fall of Peshwas.


Twin fortifications :


Personal view on the city :

Though the buildings  and museum were marvellous, the city is completely out of control. The ancient broken buildings appear more stronger than the new ones.

It is said that though the place was located in an area were there was no river, there was no water scarcity to the royal family and the rich and canals system was fantastic, fountains played all year around although the poor masses suffered the heat. Personally I think had been the same water system maintained properly city would still not face water problems.

Roads are nightmare for most parts and garbage needs to be cleaned.

Visit  to the city is only worth if you have interest in history otherwise just stay miles away.:-)

Thank-you 🙂

Ancient remains of Adishahi buildings near Gol Ghumat

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    I seeing today this golghumat with my mom and uncle and maushi

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